FEATURE30 November 2023

Keeping up with the Code: Maintaining standards

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For more than 60 years, the MRS Code of Conduct has been the foundation of good research. Julie Corney sets out the professional standards that all research practitioners must maintain.

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The MRS Code of Conduct is crucial in helping to protect and regulate first-rate research, insight and data practice. MRS is committed to keeping the Code under regular review to ensure it is fit for purpose.

This year, revisions have been made to the Code (which was last updated in 2019 ) to reflect evolving ethical best practice. The changes focus on: the scope of the Code; clarification of Member and Company Partner obligations regarding cooperating with MRS in investigations; participant wellbeing; and reporting obligations in the context of inclusive data.

About the MRS Code of Conduct

The Code, the Regulations and the associated disciplinary procedures – supported by a suite of guidance documents – apply to all individual members, accredited Company Partners and those retained by them.

Historically, the Code was created to support those engaged in research and insight in maintaining professional standards. It covered practitioners’ activities, from inception to design and from execution to use of data in research activities.

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