FEATURE28 January 2016

Journey around the capital

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Using data to improve customer service has been central to Transport for London’s efforts to improve its reputation, as its marketing director, Chris Macleod, explains to Steve Hemsley


During his commute on the Bakerloo Line from Queen’s Park to his office in Victoria Street, Transport for London’s (TfL) marketing director, Chris Macleod, experiences, first hand, being one of his 30m daily customers. That’s more than 1.3bn workers, residents and tourists every year using the road, rail and river network – a massive number for any organisation to manage efficiently. 

TfL’s strategy is to become more focused on the customer, with Macleod and the thousands of TfL staff embracing – through the effective use of market research, insight and data – the idea that ‘Every Journey Matters’.

Macleod accepts that TfL will never be an organisation people love; instead, he and the customer research and employee insight team, headed by Alison Henderson, want to ensure it is not just a brand that people moan about.

“We are not in the happiness business, we are in the reliability business, ” says Macleod. “Transport is an essential purchase so we ...