FEATURE6 December 2013

How to improve social’s standing

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Many businesses have social media strategies, but those strategies aren’t delivering real business value. It’s time they proved their worth, says Brian Solis. Interview by Brian Tarran.

Res_4010922_Brian Solis

Your business is on Facebook. You have a Twitter account set up. You even have a YouTube channel featuring a video of your CEO explaining his vision for the company. You probably think you have this whole ‘social business strategy’ thing nailed, right?

According to Brian Solis, you don’t. “That isn’t a strategy – it’s a series of tactics masquerading as a masterplan. Having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is like having a telephone or a printer – they’re tools that need a purpose.”

Solis is a digital analyst and principal at Altimeter Group. He’s written a new book with Altimeter founder Charlene Li, and the book’s message is simple: “It’s about time social media and social business grew up.”

“Every aspect of business can benefit from social media. But people need to take a step back and ask themselves what it is they’re trying to achieve”

The book is called The Seven Success Factors of Social ...