FEATURE15 July 2020

Handling uncertainty

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Covid-19 Data analytics Features Impact Technology Trends

In a world of uncertainty, continuous insights can help businesses anticipate and respond to change – building resilience for the future. By Catherine Turner.


By the time you read these words, written so very recently, the world will have changed again. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything – for everybody and every business – since hitting the headlines earlier this year. Some businesses will not survive; others will pivot and thrive – and, for these, resilience will play a crucial role. 

Consumer behaviour is changing faster than ever, either enforced by emergency legislation, self-imposed through new social sensibilities, or entrenched; trends such as a drive to digital deliveries and collection are more than mainstream now.

Polls are a bellwether of customer attitudes for marketers and customer insight teams, particularly in times of change and crisis, but to build resilience – the ability to adapt quickly while maintaining business continuity – organisations must take an always-on, long-term approach to insight.

Dom Boyd, UK managing director for offer within Kantar’s insights division, says: “Resilience is so much more than tactical optimisation or effective firefighting. It comes from understanding ...