FEATURE19 October 2016

Foresight from insight: re-framing effectiveness

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Looking ahead to the inaugural Effectiveness Week at the end of this month, Sera Miller discusses the insights behind its creation and what it sets out to achieve for the wider industry.


Take a look through the programmes of the past few major international conferences you attended or were on your radar. Beyond the natural trend- driven themes and ‘next big thing’ narrative, key words like ‘creativity’ and ‘data’ are prolific. Probably notable by its absence is ‘effectiveness’. 

With the exception of where it is combined with the word ‘creative’ to make everyone feel a little more comfortable around it, effectiveness is generally left out in the cold, pressing its perceived sensible little nose up against the glass when the hipsters and cool tech kids are all inside at the party. Why? 

When Effectiveness Week was first conceived by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) team and the member-led effectiveness leadership group, its genesis was in direct response to this question. Initial industry-wide research had framed the paradox: client capability building and internal focus around effectiveness had never been more prevalent, but the disconnect surrounding marketing communications effectiveness endured.