FEATURE7 March 2018

Five vital signs that predict brand potential

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Kantar Millward Brown’s BrandZ research has identified key attributes that the ‘healthiest’ brands all have, as Jane Bloomfield explains.


Uncertainty after the UK’s vote to leave the EU has triggered changes in consumers’ priorities and purchase behaviours. It has never been more important for brands to understand how they are perceived in the market, and what this means for their future health. By measuring how they perform against five ‘vital signs’ of health, brands can get a strong indication of their growth potential. 

BrandZ research has measured the world’s leading brands on consumer perceptions of key brand attributes since 2006. Those that have grown their value the most during that time exhibit strength in five areas. They live by a powerful purpose that serves to improve consumers’ lives in some way, and use it to guide their innovation. They make their innovations clear and meaningful to consumers through creative and memorable communications, and bring everything to life with a great brand experience. Over time, consumers develop love for the brand. 

Brands that score highly with ...