FEATURE2 November 2023

Finding your own people: What do fans think?

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Fandoms offer people space to indulge their interests and find belonging and joy, research from BAMM has found. Paul White reports.

photograph of football crowd

In a world where bad news seems to stack up daily, people are turning towards fandoms for solace, meaning and joy. These are places where people feel free to be themselves and pursue the things that make them feel good. Fandoms are nothing short of happiness factories.

What is a fandom, exactly? Put simply, it’s a subculture of fans characterised by feelings of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.

As fandoms grow in size and power, learning more about and understanding their rules is key if brands are to engage authentically and additively. What better way to connect with an audience than through something they love?

BAMM conducted a global study to comprehend fandoms fully and help our clients engage effectively without detracting from the fan experience.

Our research approach was multifaceted, incorporating culture scraping, online conversation analysis of internet fandoms, expert interviews, ethnography ( 14 in-depth interviews and four groups across the US, UK and Spain), and a quantitative ...