FEATURE6 July 2017

Entering a new data ecosystem

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Brands are aspiring to greater personalisation in their products and services – and data, when used correctly, can help with this. Jonathan Hall and Nina Rahmatallah share six stages of their approach to reaching customers with improved marketing


We live in an era defined by disruption. At a time of dizzying change, when the only certainty is uncertainty, businesses must evolve to exploit the opportunities afforded by data and digital technology, or they will lose out.

The old-school language of marketing has become redundant. Established businesses struggle to keep up with the innovations of a never-ending stream of new, more dynamic entrants. At the same time, consumers – who have more control over brands than ever before – are being bombarded with messages, left, right and centre.

As companies and brands look to adapt to this new ‘business as usual’, Kantar Added Value spoke to a selection of senior clients, across a range of categories and territories, to inform and lead this important industry debate.

From financial services to retail, hospitality to consumer packaged goods, and automotive to tech, we asked them what will mark out the winners and losers in the race for tomorrow’s business ...