FEATURE3 July 2017

Employment across the generations

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From school leavers to those nearing retirement, managers today need to be attuned to the needs of workers of all ages. By Jane Bainbridge


With the retirement age being pushed back and our population ageing, businesses are going to have to learn how to manage workforces made up of a broader age spectrum. 

Inevitably, dealing with 18- to 67-year-olds – and possibly older – will throw up many challenges for managers. In recognition of this, talent communications agency, Talent Works International, established its Gen Up project to research the complexities of a multi-generational workforce.

In particular, as a firm specialising in employer branding, it wanted to help clients define their brands, as well as the recruitment and retention strategies that would speak to multiple generations. In the process, it aimed to debunk some of the stereotypes gaining increasing traction across social media, such as LinkedIn. 

The research was carried out among 1, 200 participants across industries and locations. It consisted of 300 from each generation: Generation Z, born 1995 to 2009; Generation Y, born 1982 to 1994; Generation X, ...