FEATURE22 December 2021

Charlene Li in seven

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Charlene Li is founder and senior fellow at Altimeter, researching digital transformation, leadership and the future of work. She is the author of six books, including Open Leadership, Groundswell and The Disruption Mindset. Li previously worked as a principal analyst at Forrester Research, covering interactive advertising, search marketing, and the rise of social media.

Charlene Li

1: The past 18 months have been disruptive for businesses – how can organisations shift their mindset to focus on the next phase of growth?

When disruptions such as Covid-19 happen, needs don’t go away – they shift. Growth comes from meeting these changing needs and now is a great time to look for them, because disruptions create opportunities for growth. But you need to move quickly.

2: How can businesses prepare for the future at times of uncertainty?

By getting better at making decisions without all of the information and being comfortable with the outcome, regardless of whether it’s in your favour or not. Confidence comes from knowing that, either way, you’ll be OK. In the end, that’s the best way to prepare – by building up your confidence that, even in times of great uncertainty, you will be OK.

3: What does good leadership look like in 2021?

Leadership is a relationship between people who want to ...