FEATURE11 October 2023

‘Broader than just market research': Insight is central to Haleon’s growth plans

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Consumer healthcare company Haleon is expanding what insight means internally and externally, viewing human understanding as a competitive advantage. Leading the charge is James Sallows, who tells Katie McQuater how the organisation is approaching this shift.

Understanding Oral Healthcare Users

Last year, pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) spun off its consumer healthcare business – the maker of brands including Sensodyne and Panadol – to form standalone company Haleon. The new name is an amalgamation of ‘hale’ – an Old English word meaning ‘in good health’ and the name ‘Leon’ – associated with ‘strength’.

James Sallows, global head of transformation and capability, consumer and business insights and analytics, joined the business when it was still part of GSK in early 2019, after numerous agency-side insight leadership roles at agencies including Lightspeed, Ipsos and Schlesinger. When we speak over video call in the summer, Haleon has just celebrated its first anniversary. “I’ve seen a real evolution between where GSK was and where Haleon is and is planning ...