FEATURE19 December 2016

Bridging the Brexit gap

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The EU referendum result has left UK consumers feeling polarised, says Zoe Fenn of Flamingo. She offers guidance for brands on how to transcend the battle lines

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I couldn’t believe the [referendum] result, I deleted Hailo and downloaded Uber that day” (Male, 27, London, Remainer)

This was a quote from a respondent of Brexometer – Flamingo’s panel that tracks European consumer sentiment in a post-Brexit world, and what this means for brands. Initial research, focused on the UK, also involved meeting leave and remain voters from all corners of the country: from Machynlleth to Barnstaple via Canterbury, Sheffield and Dunfermline.

Among those we met, comments like the above were typical. The picture the quote paints is a binary one: that on the one hand you have remainers, who are young, affluent, urban and culturally enlightened, while on the other, you have leavers, who are older, rural, more working class and insular. We heard leavers brand remainers an ‘out of touch elite’. And remainers call leavers ‘duped racists’. 


Such radical and extreme perceptions of those who voted differently are not surprising given the ...