FEATURE19 August 2021

Belinda Beeftink on how consumer behaviour is changing

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In the latest of our In Seven series, we speak to Belinda Beeftink, research director at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). She is responsible for delivering and developing TouchPoints, the IPA’s cross-platform, multimedia database for the UK advertising market.

Belinda Beeftink

1: The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) was set up in World War I to help support the war effort. How can advertising aid society’s recovery from the pandemic?

Responsible advertising can help people make better choices. The pandemic has been an accelerator for lots of change, including people’s growing concern about sustainability and climate change.

If brands and advertising can reflect those views, it will help grow the momentum needed to really make a difference.

2: What is the biggest measurement challenge for advertisers currently?

It is to understand the full picture for video delivery, whether it be YouTube or ITV. We need to understand what value each kind of video platform can deliver to clients.

The challenge here is to make sure that the measurement used is even-handed and does not support one channel over another. Whatever solution we arrive at will need to be cost-effective and have cross-industry support.

3: What changes in media consumption brought about ...