FEATURE12 November 2020

At the heart of the matter

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TI Media publishes some of the UK’s best-read magazines, and insights are helping to shape its titles’ tone of voice, as well as keep them in touch with their core audiences. By Liam Kay.


Perhaps you are reading for lifestyle tips. Maybe it is to see what television to watch this week. It could be to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and real-life stories. You might be a sports fanatic, or a keen cyclist. Whatever the reason, there is a good chance you have encountered one of TI Media’s magazines.

The company, formerly Time Inc UK, publishes more than 40 media brands across print and online, including Marie Claire UK, Horse & Hound and Woman’s Own. It has also now become part of fellow publishing firm Future, through an acquisition completed earlier this year. With each title comes a dedicated audience and fertile ground for market research.

Richard Thomas is TI Media’s insight director, setting the strategic direction of the company’s research function. His role is, essentially, to integrate insight into all parts of the business, but predominantly to support the company’s commercial objectives and income.

Insight sits within a wider customer strategy team at TI Media, ...