FEATURE15 December 2011

And the #MRX Tweeter of the Year is...

InSites Consulting’s Tom De Ruyck tops the public vote, but who was the Most Retweeted of the Year and what were the community’s most talked-about buzzwords? Announcing the winners of the #MRX Tweet Awards 2011.


De Ruyck is a deserving winner – a regular contributor to industry debates, both online and offline, he’s worth following to hear his own challenging thoughts on market research trends and online communities, as well as those of others which he regularly re-tweets to help them reach a wider audience.

De Ruyck has been tweeting since September 2007. He came to our attention in 2009 when he started working on InSites’ Ultimate Twitter Study, which sought to establish how the still-nascent micro-blogging service was being used by consumers.

And he has the distinction of being our first (and only) Twinterviewee.

De Ruyck is running an all-day workshop in Amsterdam today, so check back next week for a new interview with your Tweeter of the Year.

So, congratulations, Tom. Click here to follow him.

The #MRX community’s top five tweeters of the year:

  1. Tom De Ruyck @tomderuyck
  2. Lenny Murphy @lennyism
  3. Cathy Harrison @VirtualMR
  4. Kristin Luck @kristinluck
  5. Tom Ewing @tomewing

Most Retweeted of the Year
The twenty names that were up for Tweeter of the Year were shortlisted for being the most re-tweeted individuals who use the #MRX hashtag.

Alongside the public vote, we looked at the raw number of retweets – and Lenny Murphy (@lennyism) topped the list, making the self-styled “MR innovation junkie, blogger, pundit and proud uber-geek” (otherwise known as the editor-in-chief of the Greenbook Blog) the Most Retweeted of the Year. Congratulations, Lenny.

The top five Most Retweeted:

  1. Lenny Murphy @lennyism
  2. Ray Poynter @RayPoynter
  3. Tom Anderson @TomHCAnderson
  4. Jeffrey Henning @JHenning
  5. Tom De Ruyck @tomderuyck

#MRX Buzzwords of the Year
We have conclusive proof that 2011 was the year of mobile – at least, it was what #MRX tweeters were talking about more than anything else. Gamification was second, but with less than half as many mentions as mobile.

The top ten buzzwords:

  1. Mobile
  2. Gamification
  3. Analytics
  4. Innovation
  5. Communities
  6. Social media
  7. MROC
  8. Co-creation
  9. Shopper
  10. Behavioural

Thanks must go to GMI’s Jon Puleston (@jonpuleston) – an award-winner in his own right – for conceiving of the #MRX Awards 2011, inviting us to take part, designing and running the voting survey, and analysing the mass of #MRX tweets. We have big things planned for the awards next year, so stay tuned.

And thanks also to all those who took the time to read, vote and share the survey among their own Twitter followers. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: we love the #MRX community and we’re proud to be part of it.



12 years ago

Can't believe that gamification made it so high up the list.

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12 years ago

That was probably comments about how daft it is, or people asking what it is. In fact the whole list raises more questions than it asks. The winner's prize should have been the opportunity to do some qualitative analysis of the tweets - what were we all really talking about?

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