FEATURE23 May 2019

Activist researcher: Momo Amjad on inclusion and privilege

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Few young researchers are championing inclusion to the degree that Momo Amjad is. With an MRS award secured and a new job and diversity project in motion, she talks to Jane Bainbridge about trouble-making, privilege and encouraging the marginalised to join our industry.

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When Momo Amjad was named Young Researcher of the Year at the MRS Research Live 2018 awards, it was, to a large degree, because of her diversity work, and her desire to make market research a career open, and of interest to, people from all walks of life.

As a market researcher and activist, Amjad has been immersed in inclusion for some time, but admits that she is still learning. Recently, she had her own privileges checked while reading an article about disability inclusion.

“I read about how disability rights were not about accessibility, ” Amjad explains. “I was very shocked – every disability campaign I’ve seen has been about physical accessibility. But this article argued that it’s not about being able to get into the room, it’s about what then happens in the room. I’ve been working on diversity for years, but it was a wonderful moment for me when I realised I have more to learn as well.”

Understanding the ...