FEATURE22 February 2019

A video interaction

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There are options beyond the go-to presentation slides when delivering complex research data to clients, as Netfluential found when working with Samsung. By Jane Bainbridge.


PowerPoint has always been a divisive presentation tool. Loathed by many, it’s clung on as the default software for many organisations looking to present information internally or externally, despite its limitations. 

Technology has moved on, however, and while working with multinational conglomerate Samsung, consumer insights consultancy Netfluential upgraded its presentation style to include interactive videos. With this technology, it could share its insight in a more engaging manner and allow a range of stakeholders to access content most relevant to themselves.

Jeroen Verheggen, CEO and founder of Netfluential, admits he’s not a fan of PowerPoint. “I don’t like it very much – never have and never will. It is a poor man’s creative tool, and I can never really get across the mix of quantitative and qualitative data as I imagine it, ” he explains.

While Verheggen says there are numerous data visualisation and dashboard tools, as well as ways of creating a magazine – “call it a playbook and ...