FEATURE18 June 2020

A professional view

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Can industry standards of professionalism be maintained while pressure mounts for ever faster and cheaper insight? Christian Walsh, digital director of MRS, chaired an MRS Delphi Group discussion on this.

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At the end of last year, the MRS Delphi Group convened to discuss what constitutes that vital quality of any thriving sector – ‘professionalism’. What does professionalism in the research sector look like, whose responsibility is it, and how do we make sure it is valued and embedded in the business of research for the new decade?

The focus on professionalism is the first element in a three-part action plan for the sector in 2020, as proposed by Jane Frost, CEO of MRS. The plan covers: professionalism and ethics; a shared narrative; and inclusion and talent.

Jane Frost, CEO, MRS: “MRS has been relentless in its pursuit of standards, ethics and professionalism – to defend our margins and eliminate bad research. A large FMCG client told us they were getting really stressed about the level of professional delivery they were getting from reputable agencies, with basic failure around questionnaire design and sampling.”

What do we mean by ‘professionalism’ in the context of the ...