FEATURE27 January 2022

A new dawn: Views of Indian millennials

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India’s younger generations are moving on from the nation’s past and looking with confidence to the future. By Sabine Stork and Smriti Singh Bhatia.

Indian temple in mist with reflecting pool of water

Indian drinks brand Svami launched its locally made flavoured tonic waters in 2018 to take advantage of growing gin and tonic sales, duly pitching itself as a premium tonic against market leader Schweppes. Three years on, Svami’s tonics are served in bars at major hotels, and sipped internationally in Hong Kong and Singapore. It’s good going for what is, quintessentially, a British product developed in colonial times using Indian-sourced quinine.

It’s just one example of growing Indian confidence on the world stage. It also goes hand in hand with the transformation of younger Indian consumers, Svami’s key target market.

There’s a strong sense among millennials that the country is freeing itself of its British colonial hangover. For them, ‘Brand India’ now has real standing in the world via the likes of manufacturing firm Tata Group and IT company Infosys. The fact that Indian companies now own iconic British brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, BSA Motorcycles and Hamleys is also a source of ...