Queen Elizabeth II

FEATURE21 December 2022

2022 review: Person of the year

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From politicians to monarchs, to voices of the people, market researchers share their person of the year.

Which individuals made the biggest impression in 2022? We asked people across the market research sector who had shone for them.

It’s no surprise that the list is varied, from Queen Elizabeth II to Martin Lewis to Volodymr Zelenskyy.

Kelly Beaver, chief executive UK and Ireland, Ipsos
It has to be Queen Elizabeth II. At its peak, support for the Queen came as close to unanimity as almost any subject on which Ipsos has measured public opinion. Her death was made ever-more poignant by the fact that 2022 marked her Platinum Jubilee year.

Ben Shimshon, co-founder and managing partner, BritainThinks
Martin Lewis continues to be the most trusted man in Britain – both a strong advocate for consumers and a voice of clear practical advice that everyone can benefit from day-to-day.

Ryan Barry, president, Zappi
I’d have to say Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Amid unprovoked attacks on his people, he’s answered the call with accountability and rallied his people behind shared purpose and values. From being on the front lines in communities to advocating for his people on the world’s stage, president Zelenskyy is a great example of servant leadership during adversity.

James Endersby, chief executive, Opinium
President Zelenskyy – unfaltering leadership in the face of devastation and fear. ‘I need ammunition, not a ride’ when he was offered safe passage, putting himself and his own family in danger to show the Ukrainian people ‘we’re in this together’.

Amy Cashman, executive managing director of the UK insights division, Kantar
My standout people are the Lionesses, headed by Sarina Wiegman. They have achieved amazing things and, through their accomplishments, have not only raised the profile and visibility of women in sport but also shown how hard work and tenacity pay off. As a team, they have set the tone for British and female success in sport going into 2023 and, as ambassadors, they have inspired thousands of people to take the jump and try something that they may not have had the courage to do otherwise.

Nick Baker, chief research officer, Savanta
Kevin Sinfield - who ran seven marathons in seven days in 2020 - ran seven ultra-marathons in seven days, more than 300 miles ( 482km) in November for his mate Rob Burrow and the motor neurone disease community on a challenge which he hoped to raise £777,777. ‘People are dying, lives are being ripped apart. Where is the help?’. As of today, he has raised almost £1.5m. Inspirational.

Shazia Ginai, chief growth officer, Catalyx
Mahsa Amini, may she rest in peace. The subject of the head covering in my religion has always been tough for me as I’ve received a lot of judgement and felt a lot of guilt for choosing not to cover my head. My core belief on this subject is that every woman has the right to choose and whatever her choice may be, men have no right in determining how acceptable that choice is. Very recently we saw the morality police in Iran disbanded off the back of the protests following Mahsa Amini’s brutal killing. Protests matter, our choices matter. Body autonomy matters.

Annie Pettit, chief research officer, E2E Research
I’ve become a huge fan of David Morse. He is an active reporter, supporter, and representative of the LGBTQ and Hispanic communities on LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about the LGBTQ experience in the research industry or in our communities, you can count on his interpretations to be clear and fair. It’s even more impressive when you know that doing so comes with a fair share of hate and vitriol, much of which most of us never see. You rock, David. Please keep doing what you do so well. 

Crawford Hollingworth, founder, The Behavioural Architects
Ian Russell has shown how individual voices can be heard and play a part in changing the world for the better. He is to be celebrated for his tireless campaign to bring the recently announced Online Safety Bill into action. 

Frederic Charles-Petit, chief executive, Toluna
A civilian caught in the fire of war.

Joe Staton, client strategy director, GfK
King Charles III and seamless succession to the throne.

Peter Totman, head of qualitative, Jigsaw
Sir Keir Starmer for his rejection of ‘never kissed a Tory’ sectarian nonsense – a valuable stand against intolerance and polarisation of our political culture.

Jane Frost, chief executive, MRS
I don’t have one single person of the year, but the increasing diversity of our sector has made me really confident about its future. Our 28 Research Heroes, who were awarded earlier this year for their outstanding service to research, also offer a lot of cause for optimism. These are people from around the world in agencies and in-house, all bringing the benefit of diverse experiences and perspectives into our sector.