FEATURE31 December 2014

2015 Preview: New Year’s resolutions


Eat less, exercise more, read more books…New Year’s resolutions are invariably similar from year to year. But what about for the research community? We asked our panel to offer up their insight-driven resolutions for 2015.


Colin Strong, GfK: Integrate data, consumer insight and behavioural science.

Martin Filz, Lightspeed GMI: Help advertisers see that panelists use smartphones and tablets giving feedback in bursts and are not particularly interested in spending an hour answering questions.

Andrew Wiseman, ICM Unlimited: To lead an agency that is at the centre of an integrated agency-community that intelligently influences business strategy.

Simon Lidington, Big Sofa: Keep building intuitive, human, empathetic digital content management technology and be patient: they’re starting to come; more will follow.

Stephen Phillips, Zappistore: To change the industry’s behaviour by developing agile, iterative research solutions.

Steve August, Focus Vision: Always remember it’s about getting answers to power decisions.

Wander Meijer, MRops: My work passions are market research and emerging markets and I am going to focus more on those, by doing more blogs, more emerging thinking, and more primary research on the spot.

Jack Miles, Northstar: To ensure insight is socialised using a range of engaging and alternative visual tools to put MR at the heart of businesses.

Dan Hagen, Carat: To make time to get my objectives done. As well as everyone else’s!

Zakaria Haeri, dunnhumby: Allocate my finite attentional resource to that which maximises purpose and pleasure.

Christian Kurz, Viacom International: Do everything in my power to foster innovative measurement of TV and video consumption.

Elissa Moses, Ipsos Neuro & Behavioural Science Centre: To achieve breakthroughs with wearables and other new non-conscious response technology to gauge consumer response for marketers.