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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Repucom expands to Brazil after Argentina launch

BRAZIL— Sports marketing analysis and research agency Repucom has opened an office in Brazil, with plans to launch a complete sports research service by the beginning of next month.

Repucom Brazil will provide governments, brands, broadcasters and agencies with research on the effectiveness of investing in sports marketing.

CEO Paul Smith said: “We see major potential in the Brazilian market and, as such, it’s important that we match that potential with commitment in terms of the coverage we provide and the services we offer not only to our global clients who are active there but also to our local Brazilian clients. Ultimately, the aim is to step up our operations in the region by adopting a more hands-on approach.”

The launch follows on from the signing of a joint venture with Ibope Media to sell sports marketing research services in all Latin American countries, except Brazil. The JV is working out of a base in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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