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Friday, 19 September 2014

Top stories

Behavioural science predicted a No vote says Cialdini


Robert Cialdini, one of the most eminent social scientists in the field of influence and persuasion, predicted a No vote in the Scottish referendum based on behavioural science understanding, and not politics.

Future of healthcare research may lie with mobile apps


Almost nine out of ten (88%) UK doctors own a smartphone and the majority (82%) said they use them regularly at work for professional purposes according to Cello Health Insight’s latest study.

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Wolf launches Wisdom, Insight and Mojo in US


Synovate’s Steve Wolf has formed a new research consultancy, Wisdom, Insight and Mojo based in New York.

Digital behaviour not defined by age


Digital Natives have long been assumed to be the most active online but Kantar Media’s TGI Clickstream data shows age is not the best predictor of digital behaviour.


Cracking the company code


Big data needn’t be restricted to driving external understanding; it can also help companies to better understand their employees. The book The Decoded Company claims to unlock the secrets. 

Cover story


Jane Bainbridge goes behind the scenes at magazine publisher IPC – soon to be rebranded TIME – to learn how insight keeps the company connected to the modern, and increasingly digital, consumer.

Understanding consumers in a multi-channel world


Ahead of his presentation at MRS’s Customers Exposed conference, dunnhumby’s Jason Nathan discusses how brands and retailers can meet the technical and commercial challenges of multi-channel consumers.

Motivations and money-raising in a social media world


The psychology of altruism helps explain why the ice bucket challenge and #nomakeupselfie campaigns became such social media phenomenons as Alix Barasch explains.

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The next generation approach to brand equity tracking


Added Value’s Chris Prox and Brian Kushnir look at how brand equity tracking has to adapt to meet the realities of marketing in today’s business environment.

The future of food: what if everyone stops feeling hungry?


Researchers are looking into ways of suppressing appetite, and if successful, the future of the food industry could be very different, as Susan Krueger explains.

Segmenting a cultural audience


The Museum of London’s director of communications, Antony Robbins, describes how an audience segmentation sharpened the museum’s customer focus, and how these insights have been shared with other cultural organisations around the world.

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Reaching the multi-platform respondents


As consumers switch between devices, this cross platform behaviour is affecting survey completion. Aaron Jue, market research director at Decipher has some best practice advice for researchers managing surveys in this environment.

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