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All posts from: May 2011

Polling the pollsters post AV referendum

Mon, 9 May 2011

Now we know that the UK will not be changing the way MPs are elected it’s time to ask how the pollsters fared in predicting the results. ICM is claiming to have the “most accurate telephone poll on record”, correct to one decimal place, but online pollsters Angus Reid and YouGov reported average error margins of seven and eight percent respectively.

The real life Farmville

Fri, 6 May 2011

The National Trust’s MyFarm initiative is either a bold attempt to change attitudes and behaviours, or co-creation gone mad.

In Canada's election, the polls were the story

Wed, 4 May 2011

Before Canada’s general election was called in late March there was some criticism in the press of opinion polls as “unreliable, inaccurate and far too prolific”. We had to wait until this week, when the final result was announced, to see whether there was any truth to such claims. So how did the polls stack up?