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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Vizu moves from free polls to ad measurement

New tool aims for high response rates through single-question feedback on internet ads

US-- Vizu, creator of a free ‘do it yourself' online polling tool, has branched out into online advertising research with its new service, Ad Catalyst.

The tool displays a single-question survey to viewers of an ad, without taking them away from the web page or interrupting them for too long. This, Vizu says, “provides much higher completion rates, a wider group of participants, and higher-quality data than off-site survey methodologies”.

San Francisco-based Vizu, which secured a $2.9m venture capital investment last year, is now targeting online publishers, ad agencies and brand owners.

The firm says: “No matter what brand attribute you want to measure, Ad Catalyst will break down your campaign's effectiveness by frequency of exposure, time period, creative unit etc and put the information at your fingertips 24/7.”

Author: Robert Bain

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