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Monday, 30 November 2015

QuestionPro generates infographics

US — QuestionPro has launched an automated infographic tool to help its customers showcase infrormation taken from big data before spending time analysing its potential.

The company says the tool has been designed to help companies create graphic visual representations of complex information and datasets “quickly and efficiently” in an “attractive, eay to understand, and memorable” way. The tool is available to both premium subscribers and customers using QuestionPro’s free offerings.

QuestionPro CEO, Vivek Bhaskaran, said the tool will enable brands to create “create a sexy infographic with a click of a button”. He added that these would be completely customisable, including space for headers and footers, logos and variable date ranges for data collected (see picture).

The company has also created a YouTube video to demonstrate how the new tool works using any datasets.

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