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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

New Tweet analysis platform Twtrland launches

US — A new Twitter platform called Twtrland has been launched to enable markerters to determine who they should be following using search tools on the Twitter graph.

The company, which was founded last year, works using a database of Twitter information, and aims to help brands deepen profiles and start building out social discovery features. Going forward, the aim of the platform is to focus on expanding networks and adding more nuanced search capabilities.

The free platform works by pulling together all the information a basic search can find on individual users and creating a profile for them that is broken down into behaviour patterns, famous words, top followers, links, replies, pictures and check-ins. Graphical representations will offer a breakdown of how often tweets are pure text, re-tweets, include links, are replies and so on. Twtrland users can then break down each category and dive into that data.

CEO Eytan Avigdor said: “Twtrland was designed on the beach with a pen, paper and coffee. It was built to help me decide whether I want to follow someone or not. Today it helps millions of people around the world better discover and connect in the social web.”

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