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Sunday, 29 November 2015

GutCheck adds groups to DIY qual offer

US— DIY qual service GutCheck has added the ability to conduct group discussions to its online platform, which previously only catered for one-on-one interviews.

Its Instant Research Communities service allows companies to recruit participants to take part in one-to-five day group discussions, with recruitment taking place either through GutCheck’s panel partners or through a company’s own website or social media communities.

GutCheck pitches the tool as less expensive than a full-blown market research online community, but more private than a social media listening or crowd-sourcing exercise. Its range of applications include research for ad concept testing, new business pitches, usage and attitude studies, package design testing and product innovation.

The company, headed by CEO Matt Warta (pictured), last year won the $1m People’s Choice Award at the DEMO Conference.

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