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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Disney launches UK parent panel with Opinion Matters

UK— Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) has launched a panel of around 10,000 parents, the UK Family Panel, in partnership with online research agency Opinion Matters.

Members are all regular users of DIMG’s parenting websites, and, who have opted in to take part in online surveys for companies wanting to canvass opinions about new products for children.

Nik Harta (pictured), director at Opinion Matters, said: “Parents are a key audience for many of our clients and are gatekeepers to another key audience, the children themselves. The UK Family Panel enables us to deliver speedy insights via surveys, case studies, beta testing and evaluation of pre- and post-PR, marketing and advertising campaigns.”

The firm said that it can offer sample sizes of more than 1,000 parents within 48 hours and target specific groups, such as expectant mothers or parents of pre-school children.

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