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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Cint invites community organisations to build research panels

SWEDEN— Cint, a research software and services supplier, is beta testing a new service that allows schools, sports teams and local organisations like churches to raise money by recruiting their own panels.

Cint Direct Revenue is currently open to organisations in Sweden and the US and more than 100 panels have been created to date. Access is provided through the Cint Panel Exchange, a trading platform for buyers and sellers of survey sample.

Organisations are encouraged to invite their members, supporters and affiliates to sign up to take surveys and each time they do a commission of 50 cents (in US dollars) is set aside for the organisation.

Cint founder Bo Mattsson hopes that Cint Direct Revenue will encourage greater participation in research among people who typically shun survey invites.

Read more from our interview with Mattsson here.

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