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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Apsalar unveils tool to track revenue opportunities from apps

US— Apsalar has unveiled a mobile marketing tool called Campaign Source Insights, which will track actual revenue from users generated from each traffic source, so that marketers can evaluate their user acquisition and advertising campaigns by the revenue generated from any traffic sources.

The tool reviews ad networks and exchanges, incentivised download networks, email campaigns and other traffic sources to provide results based on how a marketer tags the campaign. Using bespoke redirect links, the marketer can then track the campaign and its performance using a centralised dashboard.

Currently, campaign sources that integrate with Apsalar via an API can be tracked, but a universal tracking mechanism will be available in the next release. Once available, it will simplify integration so that clients can allocate their resources strategically to acquire the users that matter most — those who will engage with and monetise apps.

The service also attributes app installs to the proper acquisition source by reconciling conflicting conversions and then linking user monetisation to the correct campaign source.

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