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Sunday, 01 March 2015

ComScore launches mobile audience measurement tool


Mobile Metrix combines passive on-device measurement via mobile panels with census-level data to provide insights into mobile media usage across apps and mobile browsing.

Mobile privacy and brand safety top challenges for mobile advertising


The IAB Agency Snapshot study has revealed that one in two media agency employees want to know more about complying with mobile privacy and brand safety on mobile.

CMNTY launches tailored community marketplace


CMNTY Market offers an “online shopping approach” to configuring community platforms.

Critical Mix launches daily omnibus


The daily omnibus service, kNOW, allows researchers to take a pulse among a nationally representative sample, seven days a week.

Bonamy Finch updates smartphone app for quant


Consumer insight and analytics company Bonamy Fitch has launched a new version of its smartphone app to show the significance of quantitative data.

Summit launches predictive analytics platform


Forecaster combines internal and external data to predict the likely sales from a given marketing spend.

Developed markets 'less positive towards personal tech'


A new survey from Microsoft has revealed significantly different attitudes towards personal technology between customers in developed markets and those in developing ones.

Consumers want to own personal data collected through smart devices


More than three quarters of US (79%) and UK (80%) consumers are concerned about their personal information being collected by smart devices as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows according to a Truste survey.

BMW launches first NFC-enabled print ad


Car manufacturer has teamed up with London tech start-up Tamoco to place chips inside a magazine to allow tracking and analysis of readers’ responses.

Second screen ad synching predicted to grow rapidly in 2015


Consumers will see more TV ads backed up with reminder and reinforcement messages on digital devices, according to predictions from Millward Brown.

LinkedIn launches ad network


Professional social networking site LinkedIn has announced it is partnering with AppNexus to launch a global display advertising network to deliver ads based on both its data and a network of 2500 other B2B sites.

Mobile marketers 'need to be wary of data accuracy'


Location-based marketing platform Thinknear found a 7% decrease in location accuracy from Q3 to Q4 2014, blaming it on apps that were “new to the programmatic ecosystem”.

IAB Europe releases guidance on viewable impressions


Newly-published white paper reveals trends on viewable impressions across Europe, as well as stakeholder perspectives, key definitions and terms, and technical, commercial and quality considerations.

Taptica launches mobile ad analytics tool


Tool provides insight into mobile user behaviour and demographics to enable mobile ad campaign targeting.

Cint launches self-service sample supply management solution


Access Pro gives users full control over the research project process, from pricing and feasibility to delivery.

ComScore launches multi-device video measurement platform


Video Metrix Multi-Platform provides unduplicated desktop, smartphone, tablet and over-the-top video audience measurement.

App Annie launches app user trends product


Usage Intelligence provides metrics such as active users, time spent, usage frequency and retention.

Tonic launches semi-automated online qual products


Tonic Express is a suite of online qual tools offering short turnaround qual projects.

Schlesinger launches handheld data collection tool


Dials by Schlesinger captures quantitative responses to test material in a focus group setting.

Tablet ownership fastest growing of all connected devices


Growth in ownership among US consumers driven by video usage, according to new research from NPD Group.

Technology in focus

Research firms reveal nine month technology lag (and a secret affair with the Mac)


It’s not the first time I’ve postulated that MR firms can be laggards with their technology. An early finding from the 2010 Globalpark MR Software Survey seems to back this up. Looking at both the web browsers and operating systems in use, MR hardly leads the pack; but there is more diversity among the client base than the majority of Windows-only MR software developers seem to acknowledge.