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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

TNS opens first office in Cambodia in latest APAC expansion

CAMBODIA— TNS has opened its first office in Cambodia, expanding their global footprint to 81 markets. Ralf Matthaes has been appointed regional managing director for Indochina and will be supported by Cambodian managing director, Eelco Dijkhuizen.

The firm has joined forces with long standing Khmer research partner MSD to ensure national coverage through MSD’s multiple offices.

Chris Riquier, CEO of TNS Asia Pacific (pictured), said: “With a population of 14 million and a young consumer base of which 60% is under 22 years of age, Cambodia is experiencing a renaissance with annual GDP growth averaging 7% for the past five years.

“Over the past decade we have actively increased the servicing of our international client base in Cambodia through our Vietnam operation and now feel the time is right to develop our on the ground presence in this very young and dynamic country.”

TNS recently won its first engagement for a global client in Myanmar.

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