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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

General Mills names Jeanine Bassett as new insights VP

US— General Mills has named Jeanine Bassett as its new vice president of global consumer insights following the retirement of Gayle Fuguitt after 15 years.

Fuguitt has spent 32 years in total working for the consumer goods giant, which is best know for brands like Cheerios, Yoplait, Nature Valley and Häagen-Dazs and had global net sales of $14.9bn in fiscal 2011.

In an interview with Research, Fuguitt said: “I’ve just had the best possible career. Within General Mills I was able to be at the management table for my entire career and I’ve been able to get my team at the management table in every area of the business.”

Commenting on the promotion of Bassett, who was promoted from within the consumer insights team, Fuguitt said: “I’m extremely proud my successor comes from a research background and it’s a point of pride that Jeanine had the qualifications to be selected by senior management.”

Bassett formally assumed responsibility for General Mills’ research team and its $150m annual budget yesterday.


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