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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chiliad hires chief scientist to examine big data opportunities

US— Howard Turtle has been appointed chief scientist at data analysis agency Chiliad, where he will be responsible for leading research into new technology such as big data.

Turtle (pictured) is currently at Syracuse University in New York where he is director of the Center for Natural Language Processing, associate research professor and associate professor of practice. He will continue in these posts while at Chiliad.

In his new role Turtle will lead the company’s advanced research into leading-edge technologies supporting big data analytics and knowledge discovery. He is a former president of technology consultantcy CogiTech Group and was chief scientist at West Publishing.

Chiliad CEO Craig Norris said: “Howard brings a strong balance of advanced research capabilities combined with experience developing real-world solutions that can help Chiliad’s customers discover knowledge in their data faster and more easily.”


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