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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Belgium's Solutions-2 moves in with Insight in the UK

UK— Belgium-based advanced analytics specialist Solutions-2 is opening an office in the UK with Paul Strange, GfK NOP’s former director of marketing science, at the helm.

Statistical analyst Moira Verbelen is relocating from Belgium to work with Strange (pictured) in the new London office, which is based within the headquarters of healthcare market research agency Insight Research Group.

The two companies plan to work closely together, although not on an exclusive basis. In a statement, Insight said: “Sharing our London headquarters and developing a collaborative relationship with a specialist agency such as Solutions-2 effectively brings high quality statistical analysis services ‘in house’ and helps us to meet the growing level of quantitative research Insight undertakes.

“Solutions-2’s experience in the pharmaceutical sector makes them an expert resource and a natural working partner for Insight that will add tangible value to our quantitative research capabilities.”

Nicole Huyghe, founder of Solutions-2, said: “This is an exciting year for us as we mark our 10th anniversary and continue to expand.”


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