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Friday, 27 November 2015

VisitBritain hands Visible Technologies Olympic task

UK— Ahead of tonight’s opening ceremony, VisitBritain has appointed Visible Technologies to measure social media throughout London 2012.

Visible Technologies’ V-IQ platform will provide VisitBritain with real-time insights from the likes of Facebook and Twitter to a dashboard, making the tourism agency able to quickly understand and respond to the Olympic audience

Richard Pasewark, CEO at Visible Technologies, said: ”The opportunity to analyse social media data from the Olympic audience for VisitBritain is exciting for several reasons. First, our technology will be used to analyse key metrics, such as share of voice, brand mentions, sentiment and social reaction, of one of the most watched sporting events on the planet.”

The firm said that the data gathered from the project would also give an insight into how the games are viewed from a social viewpoint around the world. Pasewark added: “With Visible’s new sentiment location technology we can derive differing opinions separated by country, and even city, in real time.”

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