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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Vision Critical scoops Metro International community panel job

UK— Newspaper publishing group Metro International has appointed Vision Critical to manage its 30,000 strong multi-country proprietary community panel.

The Metro Life Panel (MLP) consists of members across 10 countries – Canada, France, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the US – and operates in nine languages.

Metro International said that the panel is made up of “young, active and affluent” people it calls Metropolitans, living in major cities where the publisher has a presence. Their contributions are used to help editorial staff create relevant content and the panel is also used for ad effectiveness surveys, strategic planning and a source of consumer insight.

Global MLP manager Eduarda Taveira said: “The [Vision Critical] Sparq software is very intuitive and allows us to create the kind of visual and engaging questions we need to keep our panel members active.”

  • Meanwhile, Vision Critical has promoted Monique Morden to president of the firm’s global partner programme and chief operating officer for national panels. She joined the firm in 2006 and most recently served as executive vice president focusing on business development, product development, resourcing and product management.

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