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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

SampleWorx intros online marketplace in Australia

AUSTRALIA— Telephone sample supplier SampleWorx has developed a service to connect buyers and sellers of online research.

Buyers are free to sign up to the ‘marketplace’ and post details of their project requirements. Panel companies, meanwhile, can create accounts through which they are alerted to business opportunities and can place bids for work.

SampleWorx says all sample is de-duplicated using digital fingerprinting technology before being delivered to clients, and that its system complies “with any privacy legislation in any country”.

For now, though, the system is only for buyers of Australian sample. The company does plan a global roll-out in the coming months.

It’s likely to face stiff competition from Swedish firm Cint, which has developed a similar marketplace model for buying and selling online sample, the Cint Panel Exchange. The firm has already established footholds in major European markets and American cities and has sales agents in Australia, New Zealand and China.

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Readers' comments (4)

  • I read your piece regarding the Australian firm Sampleworx this morning. My understanding of Sampleworx is that they broker deals, rather than running an exchange, the difference being that they work pretty much as a secondary stock broker might and they may very well use Cint as a place to find sample as well as to sell sample. This, since Cint offers an open environment enabling anyone to log on and draw a sample of existing panels as well as creating a panel and sell sample. The US, e g, is full of firms that broke sample, but Sampleworx seems to have gone one step further, by putting the brokering on the net, but stopping short of enabling clients both to trade, settle, and clear on the net.

    So, in that respect we might be more complimentary to each other´s business model, rather than in competition.

    Bo Mattsson,
    CEO & Founder

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  • Brian Tarran

    Hi Bo,

    Given the time difference, we have not been able to communicate with SampleWorx yet on this issue.

    Your point may well be correct, but I got the impression that they were involved in handling data as they seem to be using their own digital fingerprinting technology to de-dupe sample before handing it to the client.

    We have emailed the company and hope to have clarification on the site by tomorrow.

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  • Hi Bo & Brian

    Apologies for the late reply. It was a public holiday here in Sydney yesterday.

    Let me first say that we feel our business is complementary to Cint's business and we would welcome them to trade on our site.

    There are 2 parts to our business process, first being the RFQ process, which have been moved online to connect buyers and sellers. The second part of our process is the actual execution of the projects via our digital fingerprint. We assist in this process but the actual emailing is done by the panel owners. We essentially act as an independent 3rd party to guarantee that there is no respondent duplication in the project.

    Henry Cheang
    Co-founder & Director

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  • Brian Tarran

    Thanks for clearing that up, Henry.

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