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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Ad Council taps Ace Metrix to measure PSA effectiveness

US— The Ad Council has tasked Ace Metrix with measuring the effectiveness of public service advertisements (PSAs).

Ace Metrix will give each advert an Ace Score after it has been reviewed by a panel of more than 500 consumers that are representative of the US population and the country’s television viewing population. Results will be presented on a scale of 0–950, with scores reflective of attention levels, desire, information relevance, likability and watchability.

Ad Council president and CEO Peggy Conlon (pictured) said: “Prior to Ace Metrix, getting consistent learning across all of our many campaigns on their impact with consumers was challenging. This research is critical in helping our very talented agency partners deliver PSAs for their respective target audiences.”

Ace Metrix has already provided data on more than 75 public service ads, including campaigns for hands-only CPR, pet adoption and arthritis disability prevention.


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