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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hall & Partners forges South African partnership

SOUTH AFRICA— Hall & Partners has struck a licensing agreement with South African marketing consultancy Yellowwood that will see the firm’s Engager tool made available throughout Africa.

Vanella Jackson (pictured), global CEO at Hall & Partners said: “This agreement offers us the opportunity to enter a new market and grow our business in a way that makes strategic sense for us.

The Engager model links brand profit with consumer engagement levels and was launched in 2010.

Yellowwood has released the findings of its first Engager study in South Africa, which saw lifestyle and shopping website Pick N Pay named the country’s most engaging brand. Coca-Cola and Clover came in second and third respectively.

Kay Nash, the South African firm’s CEO said: “Engager is a pioneering new model through which we are able to gain a much greater understanding of what is driving consumers’ engagement with brands and thereby provide quantified proof to substantiate the top brands’ performance.”



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