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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

Emailvision buys customer intelligence software firm SmartFocus

UK— Email, mobile and social media marketing software firm Emailvision has acquired SmartFocus Group, a company specialising in customer intelligence and multi-channel marketing software.

Emailvision will retain SmartFocus’ offices in the UK, US, Netherlands and France as part of the deal, and move its headquarters from Paris to London. The firm said that the acquisition of SmartFocus’ customer intelligence product would allow it to execute targeted marketing campaigns with “significantly higher response rates”.

Nick Heys (pictured), Emailvision CEO, said: “Both Emailvision and SmartFocus have a mission to help marketers build more profitable relationships with their customers. The combined global operations, talent and products open up new marketing opportunities for all of our clients. Our clients will now have the best of both worlds by bringing together campaign management software for email, mobile and social marketing with powerful customer intelligence from SmartFocus.”

SmartFocus chairman of the board Chris Gater added: “We believe that Emailvision has the right vision, global operations and team needed to take SmartFocus to the next level.”

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