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Thursday, 26 November 2015

E-Rewards to buy social media researcher Conversition

US— E-Rewards, the parent company of online panel firm Research Now, has agreed a deal to acquire social media research agency Conversition Strategies.

The business was founded in early 2009 by two former Ipsos executives, Jean Davis and Tessie Ting, and its primary product is the EvoListen platform, which collects data from social media sites, cleans and filters it and applies scientific sampling and weighting to report the results, formatted into quantitative data sets.

E-Rewards president and CEO Chris Havemann (pictured) said: “With over half a billion consumers worldwide engaging in social media platforms today, we believe social media listening will continue to become an increasingly important way for businesses to collect valuable insights around the needs and wants of their customers.”

Last year, E-Rewards bought Peanut Labs, a company specialising in recruiting social network and gaming network users to take part in surveys in exchange for virtual currency that can be spent within those networks.

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