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Saturday, 28 March 2015

E-Rewards mobilises with iPinion acquisition

US— E-Rewards, the owner of online data collection and panel provider Research Now, has struck a deal to acquire mobile survey software developer iPinion.

The mobile firm will be renamed Research Now Mobile and offer its existing software to clients in English-speaking countries, before an enhanced, multi-language version of the platform is introduced in the third quarter of this year for deployment throughout Europe.

IPinion’s software can be used for quantitative surveys, other qual and quant projects, geo-location-based targeting and mobile behavioural research. Its team – lead by founder and CEO Pala Kuppusamy (pictured) – will move into the e-Rewards headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Kurt Knapton, president and CEO at e-Rewards, said: “We invested a great deal of time selecting the right mobile partner – iPinion has the most extensive product portfolio to support and accelerate our mobile strategy.”

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