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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Former Synovate CFO joins Verve Partners

Peter Chopra to chase organic growth and acquisition opportunities

UK-- Synovate's former chief financial officer Peter Chopra is to head up finance and international development at Verve Partners.

Chopra is the fifth partner to join the new firm, alongside CEO Andrew Cooper, who co-founded Research Now; Mike Hall, who set up Hall & Partners; Jon Gumbrell, founder of ID Factor; and Jeannie Arthur, former managing director of FreshMinds Research.

His focus will be on organic growth in the UK and internationally, but he said the firm will be looking to accelerate its expansion through mergers and acquisitions “if and when that is appropriate”.

During his time at Synovate Chopra oversaw dozens of acquisitions, and Cooper said this experience will allow Verve to take advantage of the opportunities that will “inevitably arise over the next couple of recession-bound years”.

Chopra joined Synovate as CFO in 2001, having previously been deputy finance director for the agency's parent company Aegis. He became head of the UK business as part of a restructure in 2006, but left in May 2007.

Author: Robert Bain

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