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Friday, 27 November 2015

Chinese government approves TV data licence for Sinotrak JV

CHINA — The Chinese government has approved a joint venture between Rentrak and Sinomonitor, named Sinotrak, making it the first company to hold a license to deliver census-level TV viewing information.

The Sinotrak system is built on the same set-top-box data collection and analysis platform as Rentrak’s US-based TV Essentials service and over time it will be able to measure viewing for all 1,815 TV stations accessed through the 155 million digital set-top boxes in use throughout China.

However, the first phase of the joint venture will only measure linear TV channels – not time-shifted and on-demand viewing.

Michael Wen, CEO of Sinomonitor, said: “China, as the biggest TV market in the world and the engine for global growth, needs a 21st century measurement for TV viewing.”

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