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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The value of a like


Gathering significant social media support is cause for celebration, but how can that value be assessed? Celina Burnett of Ohal offers some pointers using a case study from Reckitt Benckiser.

Growing from the seed of an idea


LivingLens co-founder Carl Wong gives a first-hand account of the processes involved in securing funding.

A wearable benefit


Digital market research agency, Clicked, conducted research to provide UK-relevant insights in a wearables market. A range of research methods were used to examine attitudes and market potential by business sector, shedding light on some surprising results.

Speeding on a Sunday morning and other interesting facts


Measuring the out-of-home audience provides insight into how people travel around the UK, with some unexpected findings among the more predictable says Route’s Holly Stead.

2015 Preview: What will success look like?


If this year is going to go well, what should researchers and marketers be ready for?

2015 Preview: The buzzwords


In this preview article, Research-live contributors offer their predictions of the words that will sum up the zeitgeist in 2015.

2015 Preview: New Year's resolutions


Eat less, exercise more, read more books…New Year’s resolutions are invariably similar from year to year. But what about for the research community? We asked our panel to offer up their insight-driven resolutions for 2015.

2015 Preview: Most likely to succeed


We asked our panel which companies and/or brands were most likely to succeed in the coming year. Once we’d taken out all of those who named their own companies, they suggested a mix of specific companies and some general observations.

2015 Preview: The biggest trends


In this, the first of Research-live’s 2015 preview articles, our contributors offer their predictions for the key trends of the coming year, including thoughts on polling in the upcoming general election.

2014 Review: The biggest disappointments


In the final review article of the year, Research-live contributors reveal what they consider to be 2014’s biggest let-downs.

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