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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Deep dive into drinking occasions


With brewers facing competition from inside – and outside – the category, insight is critical for maintaining relevance as Mick Doran, head of strategic insights at Heineken UK explains. By Lucy Fisher

Back in the day


From innovations such as QR code surveys and gamification to Skype calls reducing the need for international travel, much in the research landscape has changed over the past 10 years as Chime Insight & Engagement’s Crispin Beale explains.

The ads of Christmas past, present and yet to come


Christmas ads are dominating the media channels as social media commentary becomes as important as TV views. Research from Harris Interactive looks at consumer expectations of the season’s campaigns.

Money talks


Customer trust is vital in the financial services industry, says Phil Brooks of Harris Interactive. But is research in this area offering enough insight for organisations to meet their needs?

Mum's the word


Brand language specialist Relative Insight was asked by a supermarket chain to look at the language used on two parenting forums. The differences were even more interesting than the similarities, says Rich Wilson.

Looking into the mind of a city


As part of the Brighton Festival in September, the mood of the city was monitored using Emotable. ICrossing’s Sam Zindel analyses the results.

Money matters for Generation Z


Trinity McQueen’s new research exposes the financial realities facing Britain’s 8- to 15-year-olds and their parents along with their attitudes towards money: saving it, spending it and even borrowing it.

The trends coming in 2015


Feminism, wearables and personalised pricing: Future Foundation’s Trending 2015 conference covered all this and more, writes Jane Bainbridge.

A matter of trust


Understanding the problems and the requirements of society’s most disadvantaged young people requires insight and imagination as Jane Bainbridge discovered when she spoke with The Princes Trust.

A man with purpose


Unilever’s chief marketing and communication officer, Keith Weed, is looking for continuous innovation in all aspects of marketing and wants insight to lead the way. By Jane Simms.

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