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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Inside the data-driven newsroom


Real-time data feeds and analytics technologies are radically transforming the way editorial teams work. Jo Bowman reports.

Plenty more fish in the sea?


Is the research industry doing enough to ensure it stays in a long-term relationship with its respondents? James Sallows of Schlesinger Interactive discusses.

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Famous brands, reinvented


A design competition for university students has seen new twists added to a range of famous household brands.

Getting off Scot free


With the Scottish referendum on independence due to take place in 200 days, Simon Anderson of ScotCen discusses what attitudinal research can tell us about the likely outcome.

Exit interview


Rita Clifton comes to the end of her five-year term as MRS president next month. We turn HR department and conduct her (unofficial) exit interview.

Lightning never strikes twice...


Crawford Hollingworth explores how cognitive biases affect our response to floods and storms.

Plastic fantastic Video


iMakr’s Sylvain Preumont tells Brian Tarran how 3D printing will transform our consumerist society into a creative collective.

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Still full of beanz


How does a 150-year-old company stay relevant? Lucy Fisher asks Colin Haddley, director of strategy, insight and capability at Heinz.

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Nick Mawditt

Time to pursue a different route?


Route, the UK’s outdoor media measurement system, has proved itself as a media planning tool. But it falls short in fully capturing the dynamics of consumer behaviour, says Talon Outdoor’s Nick Mawditt.

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'Big bang' disruption – and five keys to survival


Like it or not, market research is being disrupted. To survive, research companies need to stop talking about value and start delivering it, argues Ipsos’s Jonathan Deitch.

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