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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Maximising the Value of Big Data - 29 January 2013

Maximising the Value of Big Data - 29 January 2013

Turning big data into smart data
29 January 2013, London 


Featuring key contributions from EMI Music, HJ Heinz and AIMIA

There has been an explosion of information with trillions of bytes of data at the fingertips of organisations. But how can your organisation turn this huge volume of big data into actionable insights and how do big data and consumer insight fit together?

Maximising the value of big data will examine how companies can access the goldmine of data they already own by using analytics to join up disparate datasets to generate behavioural and marketplace trends. It will also examine how to combine social media insights and mobile insights with existing customer data to extend your competitive edge and spearhead profitability.

  • Examine what big data is and how to generate the greatest value from it
  • How companies are using big data to improve customer understanding, product positioning, NPD and profitability
  • How to combine big data with consumer insights to understand the customer and the marketplace
  • Debate what the role of insight and market research will be in a big data world
  • Compare different analytical models and tools to decide which methods meet your objectives

Is Big Data really a battle between the depth of consumer research and the breadth of big data or is it an opportunity for market researchers to add real value to the reams of data organisations can access?


This one-day event is ideal for heads of departments, directors and managers in market research, consumer research, customer insight, marketing and communications, data modelling, analytics, business intelligence, business information, marketing sciences. From public and private sector organisations


Hear how:

  • AIMIA and Sainsbury’s use big data analysis to optimise in-store placement and design, select product ranges and tailor customer offerings
  • Yahootransforms big data into usable insight
  • EMI Music uses both big data and consumer research to achieve different objectives
  • GfK NOP is positioning itself to exploit the new opportunities for traditional market researchers in a big data world
  • To save £100 by booking your place NOW!

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