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Sunday, 24 May 2015

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2014 Awards Winners

Best Agency

This award is for agencies in two categories — one with a turnover of more than £20 million and one with a turnover of less than £20m. It is split in two. The winners were agencies that really stood out from the competition as market leaders in their field, but one award was given to an agency with a turnover greater than £20million, and one to an agency with a turnover of less than £20million to July 2014.

Best New Agency

This award acknowledges the entrepreneurial spirit, achievement and ambition of smaller agencies. New thinking and innovation are essential to keep the research industry fresh and maintain its long-term future.

Best In-house Team

This award seeks to find the equivalent of Best Agency but on the client side; put simply the Best In-house Research Team. The winner is a Research or Insight team from within an organisation — public or private sector — that can best demonstrate how they have developed and delivered outstanding work which has helped transform their organisation, its approach, products, services or bottom-line performance.

Best Innovation

Each year sees new techniques, approaches, methodologies and initiatives which have the potential to redefine the way we view the industry. This award singles out the individual or organisation that has pioneered a methodology, product, service, process or initiative that can be hailed an innovation in research.

Best Place to Work

Agencies have to fight hard to recruit and then retain people and this award aims to highlight those businesses that really put people at the heart of their overall strategy. The winner of this award was a business that can demonstrate innovative thinking, enlightened approaches and new initiatives that make their business a great place to work.

Client Impact of the Year

This award recognises the client or organisation that uses research to make a real and lasting impact on their business and operations. To win, an organisation needs to demonstrate how research has played a major role in shaping business-critical aspects of operations – from communications, new product development, sales and customer satisfaction to more practical structural and operational aspects of the organisation and its overall corporate direction.

Newcomer of the Year

This award was open to any agency or client-side researcher who has worked in the sector for less than five years OR will be aged under 30 as of 1 July 2014. Those young people who really make an impact on a project through their creativity, ideas and ability to improve a given brief through the quality and invention of their thinking. The judges looked for evidence of outstanding personal achievement in handling research projects, showing creativity, relevance to brief ...