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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Annie Pettit FREELANCE

Stories by this contributor.

  • Is Facebook the only emotional manipulator?


    The ethics of Facebook’s news feed research has been questioned but is the market research industry as a whole guilty of playing with respondents emotions asks Annie Pettit

  • Twitter data: misused and misunderstood


    Arguing that Twitter can’t be used for market research purposes is missing the point says Annie Pettit of Peanut Labs.

  • Driven to frustration


    Research Now’s Annie Pettit takes aim at the lazy stereotype of market research peddled in the latest Peugeot commercial.

  • A researcher’s guide to social media stalking


    Annie Pettit turns social media stalker, using a public tweet to dig in to the personal details of a private individual. Whatever you do, don’t try this at home!

  • Hear me out: Let's ban boring surveys

    October 2010

    Ever had an idea that you know is genius, but everybody else thinks is crazy? Here is your chance to share it with the world of research. This month, Annie Pettit of Conversition Strategies calls for a ban on dull surveys.

  • Getting to grips with new ideas, and dusting off some old ones


    Annie Pettit says the Esomar Online Research Conference in Chicago signalled a fundamental change in thinking – throwing up exciting new ideas, as well as re-examining some old ones, and questioning long-held assumptions.